RACQ: Only 52% of Car Owners in Queensland Service Their Cars

Cars in a parking lot

Every car owner knows that basic maintenance is vital to prolonging the life of their vehicle, although not everyone does this on a regular basis.

In Queensland, 48 per cent of Queensland car owners do not conduct basic maintenance in six- or 12-month intervals, according to the Royal Automobile Club of Queensland (RACQ).

Importance of Routine Check-ups

The RACQ said that regular maintenance of your car not only saves you money from costly repairs but also keeps you safe while on the road. Some maintenance checks do not even have to take much of your time. By spending a few minutes each week, drivers should pay attention to their garage floor for oil or oil coolant spots.

This often serves as a warning sign to a much bigger problem. Defective exterior lights are another thing that you could check in the garage. Simply check the reflection against the walls to see if they are in good condition.

Rust-Proof Cars

Rust should be a concern as well. Car owners may choose between chemical barriers or electronic rust proofing. In Brisbane, many professionals offer electronic rust proofing, and it may be a better idea to leave it to the experts.

Otherwise, you could choose to use chemical barriers for rust protection yet take note that there are certain disadvantages. One such downside involves a likely undesirable smell that will not disappear after a few weeks, which means you may not use your car if the odour bothers you. Chemical barriers may not also cover all parts of the car, including inner roof panels that are not within reach.


You should not wait for a major car problem before finally deciding to maintain your vehicle on a regular basis. Would you rather spend a hefty amount for repairs than set a few minutes of your time to check for problems before they occur?