Questions Married People Ask: Is It Time for a Divorce?

Divorce The road that leads married couples to a divorce is not always a messy one. It is not necessarily alternating between screaming fits and giving each other the cold shoulder. In fact, talking it out is probably the best route to follow if you want to make the split as uncomplicated as possible, especially for the children.

So, before contacting your local family law attorney in Denver, sit down with your spouse and discuss why you want a divorce. It will make the legal process easier and the transition of family dynamics smoother.

Level-Headed Discussions

Whether you have been considering divorce for a while or have only recently thought about it, the most rational way of deciding if you should go ahead with it is to think about how it will affect the children. In some cases, splitting up with a spouse leads to a happier life.

Consider the following reasons to end the marriage: financial irresponsibility, alcohol or substance abuse, physical or emotional abuse, and plain old incompatibility. Trying to make it work with any of these factors in getting in the middle might only end in unhappiness for you, your spouse, and the kids.

A Calm and Collected Disposition

A divorce eventually leads to a transition in family dynamics and, while the impact could take its toll on the children, a calm and collected disposition will soften the impact of this significant life change. Often, kids initially react with sadness, frustration, and guilt. Do what you can as parents to ease their worries.

Furthermore, take the conversation somewhere else; avoid talking about the legalities of your split and having heated discussions in front of the kids. Refrain from playing the blame game as well; being negative and calling each other out might cause the kids to start blaming themselves. More importantly, maintain a routine. Their lives are already changing in a major way, so the best thing you can do is to try working amicably for the children’s stability.

Is divorce the best route to take for your family? Before making the decision, think about your kids. If you think it will make your children’s lives — and your own, of course — better, then by all means, go ahead.