Professional Web Developers Vs. Web Builders: Which is Better for your Business?

Professional Web Developers in DenverWeb builders are essentially magic kits for individuals who don’t know anything about creating a website. However, there are specific things that web developers can do that web builders simply can’t. The question here is: should you use a web builder to create your own website or hire a professional web developer to build your site for you?

The Magic of Web Builders

For people who don’t speak coding, web builders such as Weebly, WordPress, and WIX among others are a godsend. First of all, the majority of features are free and you could pick from literally hundreds of templates. You won’t have to worry about coding, editing CSS and HTML files, nameservers and domain name registration, FTP handling, and all that technical mumbo-jumbos. You could create a site using drag and drop features, publish your site, and then you’re live.

Another notable feature of web builders includes their straightforward procedures. For instance, when you sign up with the Weebly web builder, you will be instantly provided with an easy step-by-step guide to create a website. All you really have to do is choose which features appeal to you. You also get ample tech support.

The Magic of Professional Web Developers

When you commission a web developer capable of providing all the mentioned features, you get your own web hosting account. More importantly, you won’t have to worry about transferring your site from one server to the next, which is inevitable for growing businesses.

You also get plenty of advanced and customized features such as user image sliders, swanky navigation, user polls, and a fast-loading image gallery among many others, adds a web development specialist in Denver. Be aware that your website requirements will significantly increase as you grow your business. That said, web builders simply wouldn’t be able to keep up with your demands like a dedicated web developer could, says an expert from

Which Kind of Magic Should You Choose?

If your website requirements are pretty much as straightforward as it gets, and won’t change many years from now, choose a web builder. On the other hand, if you’re creating a website for SEO purposes, for your e-commerce business, forum, membership website, news site, or something similar that will require fancy features, go with a professional web developer. This way, you save more money in the long run, energy, and precious time.