Probiotic Skin Care: What You Should Know

Woman Undergoing Facial Procedure

There are tons of skin care products on the market today. Looking around, however, one might find products labelled ‘probiotic’. This is a term commonly associated with food and beverage items. And it makes a lot of sense considering the true nature of the skin. Probiotic skin care products can be very effective in keeping your skin healthy if you know how to use them. Here are a few important things about them.

A Home for Good Bacteria

Good bacteria may sound counter-intuitive, but they are real. The body needs millions upon millions of microorganisms in order to keep functioning. The skin is no exception—there are more than 500 different species of bacteria living on it. All of them contribute to the body’s defence against diseases. And they do wonders some products can keeping you looking good as well. If well nourished and balanced, the microorganisms chip in to keeping your skin youthful and glowing. This is where probiotic skin care comes in.

Dermatologists have a lot of good things to say about probiotic skin care. These products help in keeping the layer of bacteria over the skin surface (called microbiome) replenished. Probiotic skin care products are said to ‘reset’ the microbiome if folks become too obsessed with being bacteria-free. Bacterial balance is restored, and the complexion looks radiant as ever. Also, there are products that can help with specific skin ailments, specifically inflammatory and microbial ones.

Should You Try Them?

Just as probiotics helps aid digestion, you want the same positive effects on your skin. Experts say probiotics have three major effects on the skin. First, they build a shield which prevents bad bacteria from causing an adverse immune reaction. It is said that this ‘calms’ the skin down, promoting health. The second effect involves the production of compounds that combat bad bacteria, and the third improves the skin’s immunity to negative elements such as dirt, free radicals, and the sun.

There’s no harm in trying probiotic skin care products as of now. No bad side effects have been noticed, so why not try it?