Potentiometers: The Little Things that Make Planes Work


airplaneMost of us ride in airplanes to get from one place to another, but we don’t really know how they work or how we get to travel safely. What many don’t realize is that one little thing is the reason we’re able to travel in the air.

It goes by the name of “pot” in some circles. Potentiometers or linear position sensors are responsible for motion control and measuring systems. These make sure that passengers of airplanes reach their destinations safely and accurately.

Potentiometers are responsible for modernizing the aircrafts and flight control methods.These linear sensors aid the pilots in starting and running airplanes. Aircrafts now use “fly by computer” systems. Before airplanes start, position sensors relay the commands to the flight management computer. Once that happens, the engines start to power up and the rest of the plane’s parts follows.

Position sensors are also responsible for vital processes in planes, such as flight and fuel control position measurements.Everything in modern aircrafts operates with a command from the computer, and linear sensors trigger the movements.

The sensing capabilities of potentiometers make them ideal in flying airplanes and helicopters. Most linear sensors are perfect for extreme environments at higher altitudes where planes operate. Position sensors can operate at temperatures that range between -40 to 85°C, making them useful for the military and aerospace personnel. Most potentiometers last long and these are resistant to heat and humidity, which makes them useful for long flights at any locations.

Apart from running the airplane, potentiometers are reasons airplanes are safe and comfortable. Linear position sensors enhance the airplane’s chairs. They are the reason people can rest comfortably during flights as they make it easy to adjust and recline the seats as we prefer.

The use of potentiometers does not only extend to airplanes. Medical, electronic and entertainment industries also benefit from these tiny but vital parts. Such is the importance of potentiometers that major industries would not operate properly and progress without them.

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