Planning a Wedding? Here’s How You Can Avoid Some of the Stress


Wedding Day Before you finally say “I do,” there’s the all-out stress of planning a wedding. As the big day approaches, you’ll surely feel the stress building up more and more. To avoid unnecessary stress and nerves, take a look at this list so you can anticipate on the things that may happen and plan accordingly.

You’ll disagree and (probably) feel guilty about something.

Whether it’s the dress, the wedding photographer, or even the colour of your flowers, there’s probably going to be someone who will disagree with your decision. Try your best to not sweat on everything. A wedding is as much as about you and your groom, but it is still also a family affair. Do listen to the opinion of other people, especially your family. However, don’t feel guilty if you ultimately decide to go with your decision and forego the suggestion given to you. It is your day after all, and the people you need to prioritize are you and your soon-to-be-husband.

Know when to splurge.

Yes, you might have been dreaming about your wedding day since you were a little girl, but now that you’re older, you have to realize that having a jewel-encrusted dress and tiara may just be a little too much. Take your budget in consideration and list down the things that you really need to have. Shop around, negotiate, and even do try to DIY some of the stuff that you can (invitations, for example). Any money you might save from your wedding can be saved for your future together as a married couple.

Make a checklist of the photos you want.

This might seem insignificant, but years down the road, you’ll find yourself wondering just why you didn’t get a decent photo of your ring bearer, Kelly Adams Photography says. Think about the photos that you would like to see in your wedding album and list them down. Give them to your photographer ahead of time so that they can also plan ahead.

With this list, your wedding day stress should ease down and help you enjoy your day thoroughly and most of all, worry-free!