Planning a Function? 4 Things to Look for in a Function Venue

Venue ChoicesChoosing a function venue is not about popping in the first place you visit and making a booking. You can get referrals from friends or take your time looking for the best venue and you will get half the job done. Regardless of the type of your function, some of the venue factors likely to affect your function include:


The layout of a place determines the seating arrangement and will play a big part in the comfort you give your guests. An expert at suggests that an ideal venue for a function should allow enough space for people to walk through.

Social Amenities

Consider the age of your guests and ensure the social amenities for the particular age group are in place. If your guests range from young to old, you should look out at accessibility and venue suitability to your guests.


Is your venue accessible by all means of transport? Bear in mind that some of your guests may need to drive in, while some will opt for public transport. Choose a venue with a central location to avoid locking out any person.


There are two reasons why you should know the number of attendees to your function. One, you need to get a venue that will fit the capacity and two; any venue has fire and safety codes to abide by. When choosing a restaurant as your venue, remember that there are F&B minimums and this could determine the choice of your venue.

When organising a venue, you will need to implement your decision-making skills more than once and choosing a venue is a major decision. With the right date of the function, the number of attendees, type of event and budget, you can start looking for a function venue. You can book in advance to secure your position to avoid unnecessary frustrations.