Physiotherapy Equipment: Tools of the Trade

inside a physiotherapy clinic

Physio and physical therapists help people with health issues regain mobility. Some pieces of equipment are used to increase their range of motion and execute different exercises based on their health conditions. Most Townsville exercise physio clinics have equipment such as mini trampolines, medicine balls, isokinetic machines, traction devices, and even ultrasound machines. These help people improve their balance, strengthen their muscles, and stimulate muscle growth.

Machines like goniometers are also commonly used to measure range of motion in joints. Tape measures are used to check the size of joints to track swelling to devise rehab methods accordingly. Patients get trained to use wheelchairs, canes, and walker so they can regain mobility.

inside a physiotherapy clinic

Who physios work with

Therapists work with a number of health care professionals. Typically, a patient requiring rehab is referred to a doctor first, who assesses their medical history. Afterwards, they’ll be transferred to a good exercise physiologist. Some places require a doctor to refer and prescribe physiotherapy before patients can get help.

People recovering from joint or hip replacements, torn rotator cuffs, ACL, and Achilles tendon tears are good candidates for physical therapy. A neurologist or ENT specialist also recommend physiology to people who have had strokes or suffer from vertigo and balance issues. Physios meet a patient, provide evaluations, and produce progress reports.

Evaluation Process:

New patients are evaluated on based their condition, range of motion, and other criteria to figure out the kind of help they need. Health care professionals also determine what can be accomplished through the treatment process. An individualized plan is prepared and put into action.

In some fitness and sports facilities, therapists and personal trainers work together to help people get over their issues. They use exercise as a major component of the process. Others hire occupational and speech therapists to work in tandem with physiotherapists. They provide patients with the best possible care and ways to improve their quality of life.