The Perfect Fashion Jewelry for Spring

Spring Jewelry

Spring JewelrySpring undoubtedly heralds a new phase of the year and its transition from winter is always welcome. While winter signifies bleakness, spring on the contrary is more like a color riot. Spring symbolizes new beginnings.

Similarly, fashions change and jewelry stores gear up to cater to the needs of the trendy and the fashionable. The most popular colors for spring jewelry are violet, green, pink and blue. These pastel shades add glamour to any spring jewelry that usually comprises hoops, threads and dangles. Still, fashion experts advise that the color of your springtime jewelry should ideally match your eye color and skin tone.


Jewelry stores in Long Island, says, base their products on longevity and toughness. Since spring implies more activity, seasonal jewelry consist of sturdy materials that can withstand more active lifestyles. It is advisable to opt for gold or silver as a base metal for enhanced longevity. The jewelry that you select must complement your clothes.

Spring Earrings

Trendy fashionistas favor earrings in colors like blue, green, pink and yellow in spring. This is because they complement the bright colors of the season. The truly fashion-conscious also look for suitable necklaces, rings and bracelets that match the earrings they wear.

Fashion trends change every year, though, so you need to stay abreast of the latest trends. This same trend shows that people now prefer hoop earrings or jewelry made from light-colored gemstones for daytime wear. These, of course, they can wear in the evenings, provided they complement the clothes.

Spring Jewelry: Evenings

Speaking of evening, the ideal jewelry for nighttime wear are shimmering danglers. Necklaces and bracelets made from glass beads, cubic zirconium and crystal, will add glamour because these are available in elegant colors and stunning designs.

Even chandelier earrings will help you step out in great style at most spring events. Inexpensive sterling silver or glass beads usually form the bulk of these pieces, and even come with encrusted diamonds and other precious stones like rubies, emeralds and sapphires.

Spring is a new hope and a new tomorrow. Flash your new style with jewelry and clothing to keep up with the philosophy of the season.

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