Paper Wipers: Keeping Hands Dry and Workplaces Safe

Paper Towels

Paper TowelsDid you know that wet hands increase transmission of bacteria by more than a hundredfold?

Researchers say that microorganisms, especially bacteria, prefer moist areas. A wet environment supports the growth and proliferation of germs. A single bacterial cell can turn to millions within 24 hours.

Wet hands also increase the cases of accidents. Since objects become slippery, you tend to drop glassware and sharp objects to the floor. This often leads to injuries caused by splashing liquids and broken glass.

Thus, several tools have been created to facilitate rapid hand drying. As The Ragman Company says, even simple practices such as washing and drying your hands contribute to workplace safety.

Advantages of Using Paper Towels

Using paper wipers is the most convenient method of drying your hands. It saves time because the dry towel quickly absorbs the water upon contact. You don’t have to rely on air drying. The rate of absorption depends on the texture and composition of the paper.

In addition, paper towels efficiently get rid of dirt—in 20 seconds. The CDC recommends using two paper towels, with the first removing water and the second drying your hands.

Where to Find Paper Wipers

Paper wipers are readily available in several rags and towels suppliers in Ogden. These suppliers have a vast array of paper towels available based on your needs.

If you have a low budget, select the smallest dispenser that would fit your paper towels. Buying a pack of towels also substantially saves money. Ask the employees in the supply store for suggestions to ensure that you select the paper towels with the best quality.

Keeping your hands dry plays an essential role in the prevention of bacterial infections and injuries. Use paper wipers to dry your hands efficiently.


  1. I’ve always known it’s safer to use paper towels but I appreciate this added information about this always taken for granted piece of paper.

  2. “In addition, paper towels efficiently get rid of dirt—in 20 seconds.” I never knew that paper towels can work this effectively!

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