PALFINGER Cranes: An Industry-Leading Equipment

Palfinger crane

Palfinger craneWith a selection of over 120 crane models and an impressive market share of more than 30%, many consider PALFINGER as a global leader in its industry.

PALFINGER cranes range from one to 150-metre tonnes. It is well-built and can withstand the toughest industrial jobs. PALFINGER cranes come with a host of remarkable features; however, the high-speed extension and KTL protection features, which is the standard for every crane, stand out the most.

High-Speed Extension

This feature, the Return Oil Utilisation, is a naturally regenerative hydraulic circuit that suits for the extension boom. It speeds up the boom extension and refracting functions by as much as 30%.

This feeds back returning oil into a function’s pressure side instead of returning to the control valve, resulting in better flow and quicker cylinder movement. Workers can slow down or turn off the High-Speed Extension for efficient extension power on heavier cranes. This feature provides a more effective and faster load cycle durations.

KTL Protection

Superior surface treatment is essential to ensure long-lasting and durable protection. The KTL protection feature of PALFINGER ensures automobile industry standard protection, suitable for a PALFINGER crane. The procedure is as follows:

  1. Steel shot blasting thoroughly clean all components.
  2. Degreasing, rinsing, activating and coating with zinc phosphate in separate immersion tanks.
  3. Two extra rinses take place, along with another rinse with pure water and then passivation.
  4. A cathodic dip electrostatic painting then follows up.
  5. An ultrafiltration then rinses off excess paint.
  6. Paint undergoes curing for an hour and a half at 115 degrees.
  7. All components will then get a protective top coating using a spray robot.

PALFINGER’s KTL protection feature uses elastic, eco-friendly paint ideal for protecting surfaces against cavities and ultraviolet rays. It is highly resistant to corrosion, different impact levels and changing temperatures. This ensures a higher resale price when owners decide to sell the PALFINGER crane.

Utilising PALFINGER cranes with High-Speed Extension and KTL Protection features in different industrial works is a practical and smart move, especially with a number of advantages one can benefit from it.