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The Lobby: Making a Good Impression on Guests

October 1, 2014 Six Degreez 0

Regardless of the establishment, lobbies have the ability to make guests feel comfortable. After all, it’s the first thing that welcomes them. From the visual images to the total sensory experience, lobbies make a difference […]

Health and Beauty

The Lowdown on Anesthetics

September 23, 2014 Six Degreez 0

Anesthesia refers to a medical procedure involving the administration of medication that numbs the nervous system and allows doctors to get surgery done. This can be done locally or generally via an injection, or through […]


4 Dental Practice Mistakes to Avoid

August 29, 2014 Six Degreez 0

There is never any room for mistakes in a dental practice. It is important to be on top of all aspects of operations to ensure the safety of patients and staff. Budding practitioners, however, may […]