Bail Bond Payment in Raleigh: Money-Back Guarantee?

Bail policies vary according to state. North Carolina, for example, allows a maximum bail premium of 15%, while North Dakota allows a maximum of 10%, or 75$, whichever is higher. Bail premium is the percentage of the total amount of bail; it’s what you pay bond agencies when you can’t come up with the money. […]


How Modern Precision Machines Can Transform Your Shop Beyond the Average

Machine shops in the U.S. are mostly family-owned, and many of them have been established by early generations. Some of them still use old machine tools since their owners would reason out that they're working fine so why replace them. While maintaining a conservative stance may be good in some cases, there are times when […]

Online Marketing

Detroit Developers May Be Required to Make Homes More Affordable

Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan seeks to enact an ordinance that would require property developers’ housing projects to have affordable units to low-income households. The cost-friendly units would account for 20% of each project that has at least 20 units. The fraction was based on area median income and if the properties will be located on government-owned […]


Must-Visit: Five Ecotourism Spots in Australia

Ecotourism is mainly focused on natural environments, supporting the conservation efforts and observance of wildlife. It brings together individuals, communities, and agencies that initiate responsible travel to natural areas that conserves the environment. This environment, in turn, sustains the well-being of the people around it. Some places are hosts to Ecotourism. Some offer whale watching […]


Top Reasons Why Your Small Business Needs a Backup and Disaster Recovery Plan

Being invincible would sure be great. Unfortunately, neither you nor your small business is immune to natural disasters, human errors or even cyber-attacks. To mitigate against such compromising situations, you need a BDR plan. A BDR plan is a set of backup and disaster recovery solutions put in place to reduce data loss, ensure uptime, […]

The Office

Why Your Office Design Matters

If you’ve been searching for an office design for your workplace, you might have come across some awesome examples. A famous one is Google’s HQ along with many other startups. However, why are companies so invested in creating beautiful workspaces? Why are they so willing to incorporate “nap places” or “resting rooms” in their workplace […]

Gadgets and Software

Your Business at a Glance: Using Big Data Effectively

The repetitive tasks involved when reviewing reams and reams of similar spreadsheets and their results for anomalies quickly becomes mind-numbing over time. For many company associates shortening the time reviewing these onerous numbers is a priority. Their solution is to create and focus on key markers within the results that can be studied quickly and […]


Four Practical Ways to Reduce Air Leaks in Your Home Office

Did you know that you can save as much as one-third of your home office’s heating and cooling costs simply by sealing up the air leaks? It can be difficult to detect the biggest air leaks, as they cannot be seen by the naked eye. But with the services of an energy efficiency professional, you […]

Health and Beauty

On Current Hairstyle Trends: The Man Bun and Balding

Amongst the constantly changing trends in hairstyles, the man bun is one that has risen in popularity. More than just a fad, the hairstyle is still seen in the streets and on the pages of fashion magazines, because it transcends stereotypes. Hipsters can rock the bun with boots and flannel shirts, along with matching beards. […]