One Does Not Simply Buy Rims: Choosing the Right Wheels According to Style and Performance


RimsAside from the make and model, rims are among the most noticeable things in a car. It has a significant effect on how the vehicle runs, which many drivers often overlook. But, more than the car’s performance, installing the right wheels can drastically upgrade your vehicle’s style, as well.

Car rims underwent far-reaching advances over the years, as per This makes choosing the right one relative to your preference and the effect on your specific vehicle. Before you make changes, see to it that the rims match your tires. The diameter and width of the new rims must be the same as that of the old one, which is likewise equivalent to the size of the tires.

In addition, the new rims must have the exact bolt pattern as the old one. Different cars vary in a set number of bolts for attaching the wheels. Mind the bolt pattern to make sure it is compatible with the car.

Diameter and Width

But, to make sure you get high performing wheels, car enthusiasts suggest getting new tires along with the new rims. This allows you to choose the wheel’s size and not stick to the old diameter and width. Be mindful of the size, though. There should be enough space between the tires and fender.

Increasing the rims’ diameter improves the grip of the tires on the road and their steering and handling response, owing to a shortened sidewall. Wider rims, meanwhile, enhance the stability of the tires on corners. This complements the changes you make on the diameter, as stability is maintained if the rim is taller and wider at the same time.

Material and Style

Rims are usually made of steel and aluminum. Steel weighs more and you’ll feel road bumps more with it because of vibrations, but it’s highly durable. Aluminum, on the other hand, is lighter and tends to effectively dispel brake heat more than steel. Plus, aluminum car wheels help conserve fuel.

For style, it usually depends on personal preference. There is no limit to the design of rims, especially now that manufacturers often produce custom-made wheels to suit certain car makes and models. Chrome rims give a car some shine, while black rims enhance curbside appeal.

Before you buy rims, make sure you know what changes you want to achieve. It’s important that the new car wheels also fit your car, as the correct rims can enhance your vehicle’s style and performance.

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