On Current Hairstyle Trends: The Man Bun and Balding

Balding Amongst the constantly changing trends in hairstyles, the man bun is one that has risen in popularity. More than just a fad, the hairstyle is still seen in the streets and on the pages of fashion magazines, because it transcends stereotypes.

Hipsters can rock the bun with boots and flannel shirts, along with matching beards. Meanwhile, men in the corporate environment can sport the man bun and maintain that office vibe by wearing a clean cut suit and polished leather shoes.

A Man Bun is a Neat Do, but…

The most glaring of issues hounding the man bun, though, is that it is said to be causing baldness. Men’s Fitness provides an article on the negative effects of rocking one. Primarily due to the tightness of the knot, wearing a man bun creates too much tension on the scalp, and this leads to the tearing of hair follicles. The end results are severe bald spots on the head.

Fortunately, there are hair clinics in London that specialise in the rejuvenation of one’s hair. A man bun can cause traction alopecia, which manifests itself through the following:

  • A receding hairline
  • Permanent hair loss
  • Acute baldness
  • Skin infections

Sabra Sullivan, a dermatologist, claims that the man bun trend has led to many sightings of traction alopecia. ‘Once or twice a week’, she says, referring to the frequency of seeing someone with the condition in public.

A Solution to Balding: Hair Transplant

Given the ill effects of wearing a man bun, it is but natural for the medical and cosmetic communities to provide an answer to the problem. Hair transplant is an example. For instance, the Follicular Unit Extraction serves to restore one’s hair in a natural and aesthetic manner. Through a Micro Punch, FUE surgeons can excise follicular units from the scalp without causing any discomfort or scar.

A man bun can provide any man with some sort of grit in their look, but if they knew it would be the cause of their baldness, would they still choose to do it? A hair transplant can remedy the situation. When such trends can affect your health, they should never even be a consideration.