New Home, Old Lot: Home Extension and Renovation Ideas

New Home

New HomeTony Abbott supports infrastructure improvements, pledging $1.2 billion for construction projects. If only you can have the same financial support for your home renovations, right? You can control the design to minimise costs, at least.

Having the ability to design your home can ensure that it suits your budget and preferences. It is worth seeing all the aspects of your needs before choosing a single storey or double storey extension.

The essence of having a professional home builder with excellent background is that they can look into things you haven’t thought about. They can also help you manage your budget and assist in navigating the home extensions until its development. This allows you to minimise risks and compromises.

Internet as a source

You have the internet as one of your useful resources. Search online so you can get an idea of how the designs will look like. As you search, you may realise which designs are realistic and which are not.

Single storey home extensions

Not everybody wants to move into another house. This is why single storey home extensions are common. These can be a practical investment that adds value to your property. It also provides an additional space for your family’s needs.

Double storey home extensions

A double storey extension gives you larger space. You get extra rooms without moving to a new house. This type of extension can provide two extra rooms or another room on top of the garage. You can also add an extra bathroom, dining room or kitchen.

Home builders of Novus Homes also suggest a total demolish and build if you want to change everything in the house without changing lots. It’s like buying a brand new home with fewer transaction costs.

Start drawing your ideas before you ask the help of double storey home builders. They would take your sketches and add details to your final designs so you get that new house without moving to a new address.

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