Moving to Napa Valley: It’s More than Just a Wine Region

Napa Valley

Napa ValleyNapa Valley is known as a wine-producing region located north of San Francisco. Not everybody knows that this region also boasts of simple countryside living perfect for young families and even retirees.

There is more to Napa Valley than its famous vineyards and wineries. Here are some of the things that prove you just made the right decision to move to this place.

Lovely Weather

Weather in the Napa Region is very nice and beautiful flowers bloom all year round. This is where you can get an awesome, low-humidity summer and not so cold winter. This weather will allow you to explore the many wonders and natural beauty of the region, as well as its humble and unique towns and cities.

Excellent Dining

Napa is home to an impressive line of Michelin starred restaurants that make an attraction itself. As the region is growing in popularity as a tourist destination, other restaurants offer foreign cuisines such as Japanese, Chinese, Italian, and Hawaiian.

Natural Beauty

The place is known for its diverse geographical sites that will take you closer to nature and will make you forget that you’re actually close to busy San Francisco. Hiking trails such as the famous Bothe-Napa Valley State Park is a favorite because of its unspoiled magnificence. Calistoga’s Petrified Forest is a sure treat to the kids because of its interesting prehistoric trees that were turned into stone fossil due to a volcanic eruption 3 million years ago.

Fun Activities

You will never run out of fun things to do with your family in Napa. You can go on hot air balloon rides on weekends to get a glimpse of the breathtaking view. The colorful balloon is in itself a delight to see. If you’re a wine lover, you should never miss the famous wine train. This train offers three-hour excursions that will take you to the region’s five major towns while having the best wine-tasting experience.

If these things didn’t make you want to find real estate in Napa Valley now, what else will? Look for a nice property in the region to get your own piece of this lovely paradise.

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