Motivated, Unemployed, and Your Life on a Diet



Remember that just as the unemployment line remains a constant in this world, so does change.  Handling your unemployment through a well-planned lifestyle diet can turn your period of agony into your stepping stone for glory.

Money: The Root of Your Worry

While you may consider the worst possible scenario, don’t plan as though your financial crises will last forever. Prioritise your basic needs and avoid making decisions that might hurt you once you resume working. Put simply: be smart enough not to mistake instant loans for unemployed as sympathy salary, Rapid Loans advises.

Review your financial status, rethink your lifestyle, and cut back if you have to. Living on a budget will enable you to identify where you spend in excess and what you can live without. Once you have your bills covered along with their corresponding source of payment, you may begin strategizing your way back to employment.

Routine: The Necessary Shove off Your Couch

The loss of one of your biggest commitments will tempt you to face the emptiness of your daily schedule eating popcorn on your dusty couch. Developing a routine spares you from slacking on your newest commitment to look for another job.

Keeping yourself busy by skimming through newspaper ads, online postings, and investing in yourself increases your chances of letting your business suits see the light of day sooner.

Social Media: The Key to All Kinds of Opportunities

Instead of posting memes about getting laid off, maximise your social media accounts to attract the right connections. It only takes the right tweet, hashtag, LinkedIn content, or Instagram post to open the opportunities you need. A strong online presence makes you and your expertise discoverable in the radar or companies and HR teams. And if you aim for exposure, you may as well make sure what they find impresses them.

Self-Esteem: the Assurance You’ll Need for Your Next Job

You won’t be the first person to feel overwhelmed at work after months of unemployment. Most re-entries into the corporate world come with their unique symptoms of anxiety and depression. This shouldn’t surprise you especially if the circumstances of your termination subjected you to trauma. Inserting into your daily routine activities that build self-esteem will help make your work entry easier than most people’s.

Your lifestyle diet as an unemployed individual can be your springboard to success and you don’t even know it.