Modern Products That Have Changed Pipe Systems

Different sizes of steel pipes

Thanks to modern technology, business leaders can now manufacture new products, such as body washes, bath bombs, or new kinds of medicine. You could imagine the new chemicals developed by scientists that made these products possible.

For this reason, factories have to catch up by upgraded their tools. For instance, pipes have to be covered in polyurethane coatings for steel so that they won’t corrode. Here are some examples of chemicals that go through pipes today.


A lot of products today feature acids. For example, skincare products usually have salicylic acid in them, and fruit-flavored soft drinks would likely have citric acid in them.

Manufacturers of the said products would have to make sure that their pipes could handle these new type of chemicals, hence the earlier mention of steel coatings to prevent corrosion.


With the invention of cars, petroleum has become a needed fuel resource for car owners. The oil fuel industry uses a lot of pipes in their drilling sites wherein they dig deep underground, and even underwater, to obtain petroleum.

Because the pipes are often exposed to the elements, they have to be coated to ensure that they won’t leak. This is especially important for underwater oil pipes because oil spills might happen if the pipes are left leaking.


Because a lot of households use modern products, such as bath bombs or drain cleaners, the sewage systems today have new chemicals that go through the pipes.

Whereas sewage in the olden times was usually a mixture of food as well as human and animal wastes, today’s sewage has a much more volatile combination of chemicals. This requires pipes to get coated as well so they won’t get damaged over time by such volatile chemicals.

Technology has caught up with modern products. This has been shown in how steel pipes have to be more resistant to corrosion to prevent leaks and other forms of damage. Thanks to the collaborative efforts of scientists and business leaders, society can enjoy more products at its disposal.