Mobile Landing Page Optimisation: Top 5 Mistakes You Should Stop Doing

Mobile Landing PageEverybody makes mistakes, but when it comes to optimising your mobile landing page, your mistakes could unfortunately cost you significant sales and conversions. With up to a whopping 60% of potential customers browsing the Internet using their mobile devices, it would be unwise for you to disregard mobile users. Below are five of the most obvious, but common, mobile landing page mistakes you’d do well do avoid.

  1. A Crowded and Busy Mobile Landing Page

Your landing page should be mostly for people with short attention spans and must work on smaller screens — no one wants to zoom all the time to read the content. Make your landing page responsive, so that it can automatically resize itself to fit smaller screens. You could further optimise your page using adaptive design. Instead of resizing content, your page will only display the most crucial elements.

  1. A Novel-Like Landing Page

You have brilliant content and yes, it’s important, but you shouldn’t display all of it in your mobile landing page. Avoid distracting potential customers from your Call to Action button. Instead, ensure that every word in your landing page will count towards converting users.

  1. An Inconspicuous Call to Action Button

The goal of your landing page is to subtly, but convincingly drive conversions. Your Call to Action button should be visible to mobile users.

  1. Slow Loading Images

In online marketing, especially in mobile marketing campaigns, not everyone will get to see that exceptional image on your landing page if it loads slowly or not at all. Optimise images, so they load faster in mobile. Consumers want mobile-friendly sites to save them from the hassle.


Tread with caution if you want to include downloadable resources in your mobile landing page. Unless your user’s device can accommodate downloads to any device, offer an option to send the file to their e-mail or Google Docs accounts instead.

Keep these mistakes in mind to ensure that your mobile landing page does its job. Convert site visitors into potential leads and in turn, convert those leads into loyal clients.