Men’s Waxing: Why It’s Gaining Popularity

Woman waxing man's chest

More and more men are having a change of heart regarding body hair. There are several reasons for this, but mainly the prevailing sentiment that excessive body hair isn’t sexy.
Nowadays, men spend more on male-specific grooming products and services, and that includes even waxing. If you’re one of these men, a male waxing salon in Salt Lake City may just be what you need right now.

Popular Waxing Services

The most common waxing service men avail is back waxing. About 60% to 70% of male salon clients get a back wax. The next most popular in manscaping are the brows and the chest.
Meanwhile, manzilian or Brazilian for men is described to be the most painful experience for male salon clients. This treatment requires some skin pulling in order to tauten the skin before removing the hair. Nonetheless, it’s increasingly becoming an in-demand service among men. Men give different reasons for having a Brazilian wax, including losing a bet with friends and being asked by their girlfriends to do so.

Losing the Hair

There’s nothing wrong with a little bit of hair in different parts of your body, but if you want a shaven look and smooth skin, then go for it. Look for a salon that will meet your body’s grooming needs. After all, men should also pay attention to how they look as much as women do.
Waxing for men is indeed a growing business, and so, more and more salons offer this service to meet the demand. The most popular waxing service is the back wax, but manzilian is also quickly gaining popularity. It’s expected to become even more popular among male salon clients in the coming years.