Mending What’s Broken: When Repairing Heaters Still Works

Water Heater

Water HeaterAdmit it or not, hot water does wonders to you and your home. Imagine how convenient and relaxing it is to take a hot shower, wash your dishes, or do the laundry with hot water, especially on a freezing morning. But what if your water heater malfunctions? Is it time to replace it? Or can your water heater still make it?

When to Give Your Heater a Second Chance

Give your water heater another shot. Have it repaired if the problem is covered by the company and if it’s still under warranty. Also consider the heater’s number of service years to validate the repair. Think about its average life expectancy.

Also consider repair costs. See to it that they are reasonable, meaning a maximum of 50% the cost of a new appliance. You wouldn’t want to spend more than an arm and a leg for repair, says

Finally, you might want to think about how the heater has been of good service to you. Has that certain model caught your fancy through the years? Don’t want to change your heater for another? Not to worry, for this is still an acceptable reason to have it repaired.

When to Replace It

Feeling guilty that you won’t be spending another day with your trusted heater? Well, truth hurts, but you have to face it. If the repair will cost you more than 50% of a brand new heater, unfortunately, it’s wiser to replace it. Likewise, if the new model will help you save on energy costs or if you can’t easily find replacement parts, consider buying a new one. You’ll be thankful you did.

Still can’t decide? Why not consult trusted heater repair Salt Lake City professionals? Entrust your water heater repair concerns to those experienced in this field. Remember, it’s okay to ask for help.