Medical Records: A Means to Save Lives

Doctor with Medical RecordSometimes, people tend to disregard their medical records and would not even do their best to respond or recall the medical history that is being asked of them. When this happens, disaster could strike anytime!

Accidents and other health emergencies happen during moments that you least expect them. Sometimes, when the victim was all alone and nobody’s around to give doctors the right kind of information regarding the patient, the task of treating the patient can be a daunting one. This is where accurate medical record keeping comes into play. Through these important records, a life can be saved.

Important Data Contained in Medical Records

The importance of accurate medical records isn’t realized until such time that the information found in it is needed. Consider a situation where somebody figured in an accident. Nobody was with him and the nearest relative that you were able to contact will arrive in two hours. The patient is bleeding profusely and certain medications like antibiotics would have to be administered. But before you can do this, you need to know the medical history of the patient especially whether he has allergies to antibiotics or not. IHI stated that one challenge in improving medication safety is ensuring that accurate information is available regarding patients’ medical history.

Disastrous Effects When Such Data is Not Available

Now imagine that for one particular patient, the process of recording his medical data was done erroneously that entries made in the database were inaccurate. What will happen? Based on the given example, if for instance instead of informing the doctor that the patient is allergic to antibiotics, what was on the record was that he was not, then there’s a possibility that he would be given antibiotics which he has an allergy against. So instead of treating the problem, it just got worse.

Finding a Solution

These errors in medical records could be avoided if health professionals and services would refer the matter to professionals considered as experts in electronic medical record consulting. They have the proficiency and the ability to provide the finest electronic medical record keeping system. One will never go wrong when the right consultants are asked.

Now you see how important an accurate medical record really is. Group Health stated that proper documentation of records could help foster quality and continuity of care. Data contained in such records could mean extending and saving the life of a person. It could also pave the way for fast medical treatment, something very much needed in the fast-paced world people lives in today.