Make Room: Creating a Pet-Friendly Home

Keeping Pets at Home

Your pets may hog the bed, turn the carpet into their own chew toy, and turn your home life upside down, but there’s no denying that these four-legged friends will always be there to make our day brighter as an important part of the family. This is why it’s important that the home you share accommodates the needs of both human and animal family members.

Read on for some inspiration on how to achieve a pet-friendly living space.

Give Your Pets Their Own Space

Making your pets part of the family means that they’re entitled to their own space too — and they don’t even need much. A cosy bed, water and food source, safe toys all in one place, and your attention are all they really need to get by. Once you give them their own space, you won’t have to worry about them seeking refuge in places such as the washing machine or a walk-in closet.

Keep the House Clean at All Times

A clean house and a clean pet go hand in hand. So, while you keep your pets clean by bathing them regularly, trimming their nails, and toilet training them, make sure you vacuum the house often to prevent dust and fur build-up on the floors and furniture. Furthermore, consider using fabrics that are resistant to smells, bacteria and muddy paws indoors.

Petscape Your Yard

Just Patios suggests that you customise the outdoor setting to make it a place for your pets to play and exercise in. Consider putting up a cat or doggy door so they can head outside at their leisure and get the exercise they need. Be wary of your pets’ exposure to ticks and fleas, however. Check them regularly for possible infestations.

Small fences can also help keep your furry family members away from toxic plants or your freshly trimmed flowerbed, so you’ll want to consider installing some. Furthermore, organic gardening might be a more appealing option if your hobby is tending to plants, as some types of fertilizer can harm your pets.

Making homes more welcoming for your four-legged friends doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice function and style. All you need to do is be more sensitive to your pets’ needs.