Maintaining the Freshness of Your Breath by Eating and Drinking Right


eatingMaintaining the freshness of your breath is a challenge, especially if you are not exactly a fussy eater. Even if you brush your teeth, there is no guarantee that the smell of the spicy dishes you ate will go away.

If your bad breath does not go away, you may want to start watching what you are eating. Aside from regular brushing, there are certain foodstuffs that are able to fight off stinky breath.

Fruits and Vegetables

Many dentists in Battersea note that crunchy foods may help fight off bad breath by essentially ‘cleaning’ the mouth. Crunchy fruits and vegetables, particularly carrots, apples and celeries, have abrasive surfaces that scrub the teeth and strip away the trace foodstuffs stuck between your teeth.

On the other side, avoid eating sticky and sugary food. Candies are notorious for getting in between the spaces in your teeth, attracting bacteria that in turn expel foul smelling waste products that may cause further complications.

Chewing gums are an exception, particularly sugarless gum, as they are effective in getting rid of trapped bits of food in places that the toothbrush has difficulty reaching. They also help foster saliva production, which cleans the teeth and lowers the bacterial levels in your mouth.

Clean Your Mouth with Water

It is difficult to resist drinking a glass of cola or alcohol, but these may be what are causing your breath to smell.  Soft drinks are high in sugar; drinking too much attracts bacteria that not only cause your breath to smell rancid, it may even damage the teeth and cause cavities.

Although it wets your whistle, sugary drinks have the unintended side effect of drying your mouth, which makes the conditions within your mouth even more hospitable to bacteria. To prevent this from happening, make sure to drink a generous amount of water every day. Not only does it clean your mouth, it keeps your body well hydrated.

Maintaining the freshness of your breath by eating and drinking right is only effective if you maintain good oral hygiene. It is difficult to resist your favourite dishes, so make sure to wash it down with water and brush your teeth regularly.