Lithium-Ion Batteries for All-Time Powered Truck Operations


Did you know that modern electronics are now using 48V lithium-ion batteries as their source of power? Moreover, electronic devices such as phone, tablet, laptop, and television are no longer using lithium acid batteries.

That is just a minute portion of the uses of clean energy solutions; truck operators are now even using these batteries in their operations for the following reasons:

Less Environmental Impact

These batteries do not emit carbon (IV) oxide gas or any fumes into the environment during the charging process. With the constituents being harmless, the byproducts are also non-toxic. You, therefore, do not have to deal with cleaning acid spills, and the harmful effects they cause, as is with ordinary batteries.

Higher Usability

These batteries retain power for a long time. You do not need extra batteries for swapping during your operations. Less charging time and higher operational time leads to an increase in productivity.

Faster Charging

Frequent charging of a battery causes a reduction in its lifespan. These batteries, however, do not experience degradation during these charging phases. It captures the regenerative energy to minimize any loss and hence reduce the number of times you need to charge it.

Higher Life Cycle

For a battery, a higher life cycle means that the costs for maintaining it are low while the productivity levels are high. These batteries last up to 4 times more than lead-acid batteries, hence, being more efficient.

Compact in Size

These batteries contain high energy densities and thus quite light in weight and smaller size. These two features make these batteries very portable. You can also monitor their condition electronically.

Although 48V lithium batteries are slightly costly to buy than ordinary ones are, they are worth an investment. You will enjoy more productivity at a lower cost, as well as operate within a short time and save a massive amount of energy when running your truck operations.