Listening and Feeling: Knowing Signs of Car Breakdowns with Your Senses

Car BreakdownRoad collision statistics from the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW) starting from 2001 to 2010 showed that 26% of the involved parties sustained life-threatening injuries. In a more recent report, the Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development cited that more than 440 fatalities took place due to road crashes. To make matters worse, the people involved in these incidents could have prevented them.

If you don’t want to belong in any of these unfortunate statistics, 131 Tow and well-experienced mechanics noted that you should do your part in taking good care of your ride. Know when it is about to break down through your senses. Listening and feeling your ride can prevent on-the-road breakdowns, which can lead to injuries and even life-threatening risks.

Listening to your car

All automobiles produce sounds, but when these sounds turn into strange noises — something as loud as a gunshot — it’s best to know that your car has already “backfired.” In some cases, you can put the blame on a faulty engine or tailpipe. Other sources of noise you should look out for include the steering wheel and everything under the hood during acceleration.

Feeling your ride

As soon as you notice a lurching motion when you attempt a gear change, take this as a sign to have your car repaired. Swaying, sudden speed changes, hesitation, sluggishness, and power loss (even for a short amount of time) during or after accelerating can signal potentially greater problems with your ride. Take your car to a mechanic as soon as you can, as all these red flags can lead to a breakdown. You’ll not only cause traffic if this happens, but also put yourself and your passengers at serious risk.

If you do experience a breakdown while driving, though, know that you can rely on a towing emergency service. These road professionals can ensure your car’s safety, and you can get out of the situation in the shortest time possible.