Lift Impressions: What They Suggest About Your Building

Glass LiftWindows, lifts, doors… One thing they have in common is that people often forget just how much they can affect the appearance of a house or a building. They are usually seen as communal but they actually do wonders to any place’s general vibe.

This one’s for the lifts.

Bird Cage Lift

Bird cage lifts are the epitome of the word vintage. They give off an antique vibe, which does a lot in making your building appear classy. That’s if the lifts are well maintained, though. Some bird cage lifts are left to run in buildings since they are still “functional”, but they have to be looked after, too. Lift companies like take the time to be knowledgeable about such cases. Otherwise, the lift would literally look—and maybe even feel—like a trap.

Glass Lift

There are two ways to approach glass lifts. First, they may be a transparent, indoor lift where everybody can see what or who’s inside. Second, glass lifts may overlook the outside of a building so as you’re going up, you can see just how high you’re going. Such lifts give off an airy and open feel. And since it’s glass, it gives off a modern vibe as well. Although, as reported, there are recent innovations which eliminate the need for lift cables. How’s that for modern? Glass lifts would do well to calm those who don’t like feeling closed in. The same can’t be said for people afraid of heights, though.

Of course, you may also go with the traditional lifts—a rectangular box of steel. It may seem generic, but a door sticker does wonders to the vibe. The same goes with the lift interior. You might want a lift which, at first glance, looks unassuming and shows off your character and the vibe of the place only when its doors open. It technically still provides the privacy you may be looking for, after all.