Life after Repair: Extending the Service Life of Your Roof


There will come a time when you have to replace your roofing system with a new one. Be it due to damage from extreme weather conditions or simply because it has worn out, you must be prepared when that happens.


There are things you should consider when preparing for such task. Institutions and companies like the US EPA and JS Roofing recommend complying with the latest industry standards to make the most of your new roofing system. Take a look at the following factors that help extend the service life of your roof:

Roofing Material

Every house requires a different type of roofing material. It depends usually on the climate of the area, environment, and frequency of human activity. Make sure that when you employ roof replacement service from firms in Portland, you know exactly the roof type you want. Your choices include flat roofs, shingles, and slate, among others.

Ventilation Systems

Properly installed ventilation system helps lengthen the life of your roof and all its components. A reliable Portland roof replacement service provider knows just what to do in installing new roof parts and keeping your existing ventilation system intact.

Nearby Trees

While having trees has it benefits, keeping one too close to your house poses risks. For one, fallen twigs, leaves, and branches may clog up the gutter. Growing branches may also damage roof structures. What you can do is to trim the excess parts, and redirect its growth the other way.

When it comes to extending the service life of your roof, preparation is the key. Ask a trusted roofing company to learn more.