LibreOffice: A Great Alternative to MS Office

LibreOffice Logo

LibreOffice is a cost-efficient alternative to the MS Office suite. This software is free, but it can do virtually everything that Microsoft Office is capable of doing. This includes creating documents, spreadsheets, databases, and presentations. Loaded with many features, the software allows a convenient way of accomplishing your projects minus the fees for a license.

The Application’s Interface

LibreOffice’s interface looks very similar to the MS Office suite. It has a LibreOffice Writer application that lets you save documents as .odt files by default. To solve any compatibility issue, the application will allow you to save it as a .doc file.

The software has spreadsheet and presentation programs. It has Calc and Impress and the Math and Draw program. Each application includes a link that can take you to the website for online support.

LibreOffice Logo

Other Features

LibreOffice comes with a configured PDF creator. This means you can distribute documents that can be opened and read by users of almost any operating system. The new version of the software includes additional menu entries and drops support for legacy binary StarOffice files.

The free software comes with a list of templates to help you create and finish your work faster. The templates are extremely useful especially if you’re working on repetitive tasks.

The LibreOffice software is ideal for personal and business use. Its design is available for Windows and Mac and compatible with popular suites. All you have to do is download LibreOffice for Windows and enjoy its features.