Know Why Missing Even a Single Tooth May Cost Too Much


orthodontistLosing one of your teeth could mean losing that confident, beautiful smile. While your smile is usually the first victim of your missing tooth, an incomplete set of teeth could also cause a myriad of health complications. Here are some of them.

  1. Body Image Issues

The number one, most evident effect of a missing tooth is dental aesthetics. Unfortunately, a poor smile might affect how we feel about ourselves, and may even lead to body image issues and depression.

  1. Poor Nutrition

For children or older adults that do not have a complete set of teeth, chewing food might be difficult and may thus affect their overall nutrition. As such, replacing missing teeth with dental implants could be very helpful in keeping malnutrition at bay.

  1. A Change of Taste

According to the National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health, missing tooth can change how we can actually perceive food in the mouth. Changes in the food’s texture and taste may affect how we consume the food that we eat, and may thus affect our nutritional intake.

  1. Susceptibility To Infection

According to research, almost 70% of Americans have at least one tooth missing. Unfortunately, missing tooth exposes the gums to many different infectious agents that can cause gum disease. Among these dental problems is periodontitis, or the inflammation of the periodontium (gap between the teeth and the gum line). During periodontitis, abscess develops inside the gum, which may cause debilitating dental malformation and may even lead to more serious medical emergency, such as sepsis.

  1. More Severe Health Complications

Poor dental conditions arising from loss of tooth may actually lead to more alarming health conditions, warns the Utah Oral Surgery & Dental Implant Center. Certain cardiovascular conditions, for instance, may be aggravated because of poor dental health caused by a missing tooth. Gum infections may also worsen chronic health conditions, such as diabetes and several autoimmune diseases.

Having a complete set of teeth does not only help you feel good about yourselves, it also helps you maintain optimum dental health necessary for your overall wellness. As such, it is necessary to keep your smile complete and your teeth healthy at all times.

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