Kitchen Essentials: What Do Celebrity Chefs Keep in Their Kitchen?


kitchenWith the rising popularity of kitchen shows like Top Chef, Iron Chef and many other chef battle series, more and more culinary experts are becoming celebrities. These popular chefs share their tips on creating culinary masterpieces, while giving us a glimpse into the magic that happens in their kitchens.

Celebrity chefs may be masters of their world, but they are also normal people who need a great space to do their craft. We share some of the things that celebrity chefs can’t do without in their kitchens:

Jamie Oliver

According to one interview, Jamie Oliver needs empty jam jars. He says these are useful for storing his salad dressings and spices. You can even see him using these jam jars on his popular show “Jamie’s 15 minute meals”.

Nigella Lawsom

A great turkey and oven-food lover, Nigella Lawsom says that she has used countless gadgets and appliances for her kitchen. The relaxed setting of her kitchen has even become an inspiration for many kitchens in Dubai. In one interview, she says that her kitchen wouldn’t be complete without a plastic bin for basting turkey.

Gordon Ramsay

The Hell’s Kitchen author and star of now-defunct kitchen nightmares says he must have a full range of ingredients in his food storeroom at all times. Gordon Ramsay also always checks if his pantry is stocked with bread, steak, cheese and a variety of ingredients.

Rachael Ray

The 30-minute meal star says no kitchen should be without a good quality knife that is comfortable for your hand. The knife has to be sharp and must come with a cover. According to Rachael Ray, this will ensure the knife remains clean and doesn’t rust over time.

Depending on your kitchen design, you may have a lot of space or limited counter space. Keep in mind that these chefs have just told you what they need—only you can determine what fits into your kitchen. Do you want to share what you keep in yours?

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