Keeping Your Cargo Secure While Moving

delivery man with cargo box

Cargo transport is heavily regulated by Australian authorities. Queensland’s Department of Transport and Main Roads, for example, has a set of guidelines for transporting different loads across the state. Proper loading can help you ensure the safety of your cargo, transport vehicle, and the people moving it.

Here are some cargo loading tips you must consider:

Use the Right Equipment

Using the proper tools can help you make sure your cargo is secure. For instance, if you are loading heavy cargo, you may have to use strapping tools. Depending on the need, you may use hand strapping tools or pneumatic strapping tools. Some tools are also meant for use on plastic strapping.

Queensland’s Worksafe recommends some alternatives to common tools being used, such as webbing chains, chain dogs and other tensioners. Using these can put workers at risk of physical injury. In place of these, authorities recommend using coil containment systems with removable posts, or webbing straps, which are easier to install than webbing chains.

One Size Does Not Fit All

It is important that you know how to pack, especially when moving different types of cargo. For instance, if you have tools strewn about the trailer or Ute you’re driving during the move, it’s better to keep them safely stowed in a container, such as a secured toolbox. If you plan to load boxes at the back or top of your car, you may use rope or webbing straps to keep them in place.

If you’re transporting lighter cargo, such as compost or garden refuse, use additional webbings to keep them from being blown off the vehicle when you’re moving at high speeds. Otherwise, the cargo might end up being strewn all over the road, causing inconvenience to you and the other drivers.