Keep Your Tractor Running Smoothly With These 4 Tips

Red Tractor on a Field

Your tractor is a big investment, and without it, it would be difficult to keep your farm operations running. Just like all large equipment, a tractor also needs regular maintenance to make sure it can do its duties on your farm. You have to make sure your brakes are working, and your lights are bright.

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Here are tips on how to maintain your tractor to keep it running smoothly for you at all times.

Don’t neglect regular check-ups.

Depending on how old your tractor is and how often you use, it should have a regular schedule as to when it should undergo routine checks for any damage and repairs. This will ensure that it performs well for a longer period.

Keep it lubricated.

A well-oiled machine is a smooth-running machine. Remember to only use lubricants for heavy-duty machinery, as those for light vehicles just won’t cut it for a tractor. Lubricate all moving parts regularly.

Check your A/C and radiator.

Since your tractor works in an environment where dirt and grime abound, you must regularly clean its grilles to make sure airflow is constant. Also, always maintain a good amount of water in your tractor at all times.

Maintain your tires.

Tires that are not properly inflated can easily get worn out. Makes sure to always check their air and inspect them at the end of the day for any damage from piercing or deflation. Repair or replace them right away, if so.

As you go through these regular maintenance checks, you may find that some parts may be damaged or need to be replaced. Don’t use your tractor until you do so. It won’t only keep your tractor in good shape and running smoothly, it will also ensure the safety of everyone who’ll be using it.