Keep the Spark Alive: Glass Cleaning and Maintenance Pointers


GlassGlass is an excellent design and durable feature at home. Made from tempered glass, panels can be used not only in windows and doors, but also as shower screens, balustrades, and pool fences. While they are low maintenance and very durable, it’s important to take good care of your glass, so it can last for a long time.

Here are a few pointers on keeping your glass sparkling clean and beautiful:

Simple daily maintenance

Daily maintenance should keep your glass looking great, especially those in frequently used areas such as bathrooms. Glass screens are prone to stains and other impurities. The best solution is to clean it daily; it won’t take much time and effort. All you need to do is wipe down the panel using a sponge.

Deal with scratches

Scratches, even how minor they are, can significantly affect the look and feel of your glass panels. As Auckland glass professionals suggest, a quick fix to this problem is by gently rubbing metal polish onto the scratches using soft dry cloth. Clear nail polish may also do the trick.

Save them from hard water

Hard water can leave behind mineral deposits even in smooth glass surfaces. The result is spots that make the glass unappealing and look unclean. To avoid this, install a water softener. Do you want to go for a cheaper option when dealing with a cloudy shower door? Use brush to loosen the mineral build-up and wipe it using a fabric softener sheet or Epsom salts scrub.

Keep an eye out for minor damages

While tempered glass doesn’t easily break, they can also be prone to minor damages and cracks. When this happens, it’s best to get a glazier service. In cases of repairs, leave the job to professional hands rather than doing DIY solutions. Professional glaziers know exactly what to do with your flawed glass panel. Work with a service that follows strict regulations to ensure the right solutions to your glass.

Follow these tips to give your glass surfaces an instant makeover. With some TLC, your glass panels will definitely be an asset for your home.