Job Hunting? Update Your Facebook or LinkedIn Now

Online Presence

Online Presence in UtahMany of tofay’s job seekers don’t realize it, but a persuasive cover letter and resume can only do so much. With technology and social media reigning supreme, HR and recruitment teams are now also screening potential employees through digital channels such as LinkedIn and personal social media accounts.

A strong and compelling online footprint has a huge impact on who gets the job. As a new aspect of personal reputation, curating this footprint targets the heart of the matter. Also, actively proving your online presence in a professional community has become increasingly important, especially in today’s job market.

Behind the Scenes

Neglecting the importance of a healthy online presence is a huge career risk. According to a 2015 poll from CareerBuilder, more than a third of 2,000 HR managers are less likely to interview applicants without online information. Half of these professionals used social media sites to learn more about candidates.

Most managers said they learned something about an applicant online, which directly led to a job offer. In some companies, it may even be standard practice to ask potential employees directly about access to social media accounts. Despite the alarming method, this is a means for employers to get a behind the scenes look at what potential applicants have to offer.

According to Prince & Perelson Associates, a premier recruitment firm, employers wish to understand applicants when their impression management is down. An online presence reveals the authenticity of a candidate and if it matches the company’s values.

The Need for Digital Footprints

Online presence is necessary to help you find a job. But what about other occupations? Do potential employers search Facebook or Twitter for people applying for all careers? There is leeway to a certain degree, but it is only reasonable to expect questions about your digital presence in almost every professional field.

Consider your digital footprint as your form of personal branding. Keep in mind that potential employers rely on information they gather when it comes to giving out job offers. What you want to do is control the brand linked to your name. One way you can do this is by fashioning an online presence personally and for your profession.