It’s Not Just for the Skin! Collagen Helps Heal Aching Joints


headacheMany advocates of natural healing think of collagen as something that can turn back the body clock and prevent aging from being evident on the skin. More studies prove it is the elixir of youth, and this time studies show that it can help with aching joints.

Collagens Role in Joint Health

Humans produce collagen naturally. It is an amino acid that makes up 30 per cent of protein in the body and one of its many roles is to restore the elasticity of the skin and joints. The production rate of collagen decreases as a person ages and this causes the once supple skin to sag and joints to stiffen.

Although the protein is more popularly marketed for aesthetic purposes, views collagen for joint health as its primary benefit, especially for the aging population. Several studies prove that collagen can be used to manage one of the problems of elderlies – rheumatoid arthritis (RA).

Better than Other Nutraceuticals

In 2009, the researchers from the InterHealth Research Center in California compared type II collagen with glucosamine hydrochloride and chondroitin sulphate. Both of these Nutraceuticals are for arthritic and aching joint relief. The study reveals that collagen performs best among the three when it comes to increasing joint function.

Bidding Stiff Joints Bye

Seven years earlier, a study in Creighton University Medical Center in Omaha, Nebraska showed that undenatured type II collagen reduces joint pain and swelling. This collagen coming from chicken sternum cartilage helped reduce different instances of stiffness such as when one wakes up in the morning and during rest. It helps lessen the pain during motion, and improves the range of motion and function of the joints affected by RA.

While the actual cause for the development of RA remains a mystery, these studies prove that patients only have to look back to the body to fight this disease. Under a doctor’s direction, elderlies can escape the pains of RA and live better with the help of collagen.