Improve Site Safety by Knowing These Rigging Mistakes

Construction Site Safety

Construction Site SafetyConstruction sites often have different kinds of heavy duty machinery, including rigging equipment. Rigging equipment is used to load and lift large and heavy materials. Ideally, the operators should already know what they’re doing.

The same goes with all the other people working on the site. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Numerous accidents still result from the wrong use of rigging equipment despite all the warnings.

So why do all of these accidents still happen? Here’s a roundup of the most common mistakes, all leading to very serious damages:

1. Riggers often take rigging seminars for granted.

Often, accidents are not the results of the company’s negligence, but the workers’. Companies need to fulfill requirements for their continued operation.

One of these is the conduct of periodic seminars and trainings. Rigging companies comply with this, but the workers are the ones who tend to be neglectful.

Workers, specifically those who are tenured, usually don’t attend seminars and trainings because they feel like they already know everything. This practice is totally wrong, and it usually results to the improper use of the rigging equipment.

Workers should always consider the fact that equipment undergoes upgrades, and this may result in changes in the equipment’s way of operation. To update your knowledge, Consolidated Rigging & Lifting Products, Inc. recommends attending rigging seminars.

2. Using old equipment.

All equipment suffers from eventual wear and tear. Sometimes, though, workers still use worn out equipment.

Old equipment has parts that are already too fragile, and these may not be able to withstand the heavy load anymore. This may lead to falling parts and fatal accidents.

3. Loading materials beyond the equipment’s limit.

Observe working load limits when using rigging equipment. Workers should not load more materials than what the equipment can accommodate.

Some disregard this rule thinking that overloading would finish their job faster. That may be the case, but it can also ruin the equipment and result in further delays.

There are risks that come with working on a construction site. Lessen the chances of accidents happening by remembering safety rules and regulations.

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