Idyllic Britannia: Landscaping Inspirations from All Over the Isles

Landscaping in KentIt is nice to have a pretty garden. It makes home life more fulfilling because gardening is different. It is not about choosing the right furniture or appliances; it is about cultivating something from the ground. More than that, it is something only you can do as the owner of the property. But, as much as the British love gardening, it is still challenging to learn.

Nevertheless, the land is full of inspirations of people who started from scratch just like you. If you need an inspiration, you are never an Internet search away from paradise-like gardens. Whether you are working with a sizeable land or you want something inherently English and cosy, there will be one for you.

Here are a few ideas from Oakleigh Manor that can act as a starting point for your new garden:

Castle Combe

One of England’s finest villages, this community is what understated beauty means. The houses are of classic construction and the landscaping is more about serenity than striking beauty. If your type of garden is plain and unobtrusive, you will not go wrong in imitating some of Castle Combe’s idyllic homes.


This Welsh village carries the English tradition of subtlety with a hint of colour. With a backdrop of a hill full of purple perennials, who would not want to complement it? If your house has a lot less subtle paint, a shade of red or something of high contrast, then you should try imitating a Beddgelert property.


Have your pick; this small county in the south has everything that could suit your style. But, for maximum effect, try to take a theme from a certain village that the old Top Gear visited. Quintessential and strict, it could not be more British than this.

If your taste is more continental than local, the wine countries in France and Italy have some of the choicest landscaping you will ever see. You may have to pay the premium to get the international look, but no one said you have to do it in one go.

Since the whole country is already in love with gardening, it should not take you too long before you learn the ropes. You have all the tools you will ever need and with the right contractor, you will have the garden of your dreams before long.