How to Extend the Service Life of Your Carpet

Man cleaning carpet with vacuum

Other than cushioning your feet from cold, hard floors, carpets create an air of class and style in your home. You could have your pick from carpets and rugs of all colours, shapes, sizes and different materials.

To reap all the benefits that come with having a rug in the home, you need to keep in excellent condition. Depending on your choice of carpet, the cleaning process is pretty easy and straightforward.

In other cases, getting the rug to shine might take a bit of skill and expertise, notes a carpet cleaning service in Canterbury.

Get it Right the First Time Around

Carpets usually fall into two broad categories — natural and synthetic fibres. Wool, polyester, nylon and olefin are the most common fibres in the rug industry. Nylon rugs are the most popular variety since they are soft, resilient and resistant to stains and this makes them durable.

Although non-allergenic and having vibrant colours, polyester rugs don’t do well in high traffic areas. Olefin fibres make an excellent choice for basements and the outdoors since they can resist stains, mildew and mould. On the other hand, wool produces soft and durable rugs, making them quite pricey.

Retain the Professional Cleaning Service

There’s a significant correlation between the quality of the air in the home and the state of your carpet. A clean and sanitary rug ensures that you have fresh, crisp air in the house free of dust and odours.

Regular vacuuming clears off the dirt and grime but doesn’t deep clean the carpet and rugs. Have a professional deep clean your rugs at least once a year. For low traffic areas carpet, consider having it cleaned once every year or year and a half.

However, for high traffic areas, you are better off doing it up to four times a year or at the very least two times. If you have smoking habits, kids or pets, have it cleaned at least four times in the year.

The carpet and rugs on the floor ensure that your feet are well cushioned from the hard floors while lending a classy appeal to the home. It’s therefore of great importance that you keep them clean and in great shape to increase their service life.