How Parents Can Improve Their Kids’ Performance in School

High School student studying

Education takes up a considerable part of a child’s early years. As soon as a child comes of age, you ship him or her off to school to get an education. Most kids, however, view going to school more of a chore than a crucial part of their development. Because of this attitude, many students have a hard time securing a place in a reputable college. This doesn’t have to be the case. With a little bit of effort, every child can perform well in school, educators from City Academy say.

Learning is not in the genes

A history of poor academic performance in the family is not an indicator of doom and gloom for your children. Numerous case studies bust this myth repeatedly. Good school performance results from hard work, persistence, proper guidance, and commitment. Most students fail due to a lack of commitment and persistence.

They tend to give up at the first indication of failure, writing the poor performance as a family trait. History is replete with stories of leaders, professors, and business titans with illiterate parents. Once they took ownership of their education, there was no stopping them.

Learning is a learnable skill

Poor learning skill is often at the root of every poor performing student’s woes. Improper learning habits often give an illusion of fluency where reading materials appear familiar but don’t stick in mind. Therefore, a student will walk into the exam room confident that he or she is ready for the test only to be stunned by every question.

Proper learning improves subject command by boosting a student’s ability to retain and recall any material. Unfortunately, most schooling going children are not familiar with such reading strategies. They continue reporting poor grades despite putting in lots of hours into their schoolwork.

Qualifying for college is the hallmark of a successful learning phase the high school level. Unfortunately, many students have a hard time overcoming this hurdle due to poor performance.