How Modern Precision Machines Can Transform Your Shop Beyond the Average

Precision MachineMachine shops in the U.S. are mostly family-owned, and many of them have been established by early generations. Some of them still use old machine tools since their owners would reason out that they're working fine so why replace them. While maintaining a conservative stance may be good in some cases, there are times when looking beyond the horizon is more prudent.

If you own a shop established by your grandfather and still use first generation tools, you should consider outfitting them with modern equipment. Here are some reasons upgrading your machines is the right move:

Lower Operational Costs

Many machining tools run on electricity, with older ones consuming power like there is no tomorrow. It is true that old equipment, whether powered by electricity or regular petroleum fuel, are voracious guzzlers of power. Most of their modern-day versions, on the other hand, would only consume a third (or even lower) of their power requirements. By installing new machining tools, you will lower your operational costs and perhaps even reduce the price of your service.

Precision Matters

In this modern age where spare parts and other similar items need exact measurements, using precision Swiss products is a step in the right direction. Even the smallest flaw could affect performance, so it's best to be as precise as possible. According to American Machinist, installing new machining tools and equipment can transform your plant or foundry from an ordinary shop into one that is globally competitive. By using state-of-the-art CNC Swiss precision, you are sure to achieve near-perfection on the shape and cut of your finished parts.

Improved Productivity

Another great thing about modern Swiss precision machines and products is their ability to perform multiple tasks, which highly improves productivity. Imagine doing dozens of tasks without intervention as compared to performing similar tasks on multiple machines designed for one function. The precious minutes spent in changing machine settings, as well as replacing cutting and shaping parts used for machining is something you can maximize. 

According to the National Tooling and Machining Association, this multi-task ability of modern precision machines can improve your shop’s output.

It's understandable for owners of family-owned machine shops to maintain strong attachments with their old machines. Perhaps it's because these are the same machines used by their forebears or maybe these old machines helped their shop become successful. As far as your operations are concerned, however, it's in your best interest to install and use the modern ones.