How Costly Is It For Landlords to Evict Each Tenant?

man holding eviction notice

Landlords in the UK may not be aware that it may cost around £2,000 to evict a tenant, aside from spending nine months for the process.

A new study showed that the cost of hiring a bailiff accounts for most of the expenses. In other cases, property owners also get help from traveller eviction bailiffs for removing illegal settlers.

Moving Out

You may need to spend around £1,180 for the assistance of a high court bailiff, who would then enforce a property possession order that costs an additional £685. Only bailiffs are permitted by law to remove tenants from properties. Prior to acquiring a possession order, you would need to provide your tenant with a Section 21 Notice.

This would provide them with an eviction notice period of at least two months. The usual problem, however, involves many people staying beyond the expiry of the notice. This is the time when bailiffs intervene on behalf of the landlord’s request. Plan early when securing a possession order since it can take up to six months before you gain court approval for your application.

Illegal Encampments

Traveller evictions can be different since landlords are unlikely to rent out a vacant lot. In some areas, such as the South Cambridgeshire District, the local council has recorded at least 200 illegal encampments in the 12 months to March.

The council believes that the UK should have a nationwide solution for evicting travellers. Given the time-consuming and costly process of eviction, it seems more practical to enforce a law that prevents people from establishing illegal campsites.

Most landlords wish to avoid evicting a tenant whenever possible, due to the complexities and costs of legally removing people from the property. However, there are cases when a bailiff-assisted eviction may be the only answer to tenant problems.