Horse Floats: What to Look for When You Need One


As a horse owner, one of the things you need to invest on is a horse float. Looking for the best horse float for sale can be challenging in the beginning. Before settling on which one to buy, do your homework first. Know the different makes and models to find out which suit your specifications. If you know someone with mechanical expertise, take him with you to inspect demo models.


Here are some things you should look for when buying a horse float:

  • A good horse float needs to weigh a minimum of 2 tons.
  • Make sure the coupling is strong enough with a connection to a hydraulic type ramp.
  • Ideally, the chassis should be made of steel and should hold a minimum of one ton weight. it should be strong enough to work as an anchor for backdoor support.
  • Frames should be secure for supporting material used for the main enclosure. The main enclosure and roofing should be made from either fibreglass or aluminum, as both materials are durable and can withstand rusting. Fibreglass, however, provides better float design.
  • For the flooring,a 30mm thick marine ply is recommended. But if you’re using floorboards, they should be at least 50mm thick.
  • The interiors and exteriors should be coated with anti-rust proof material for prevention.
  • Check for signs of rust or wear and tear in the hinges, corners, and crevices beneath the float.
  • Ball bearings should be smooth to facilitate a smooth rolling motion of the wheels.

After you’ve finally chosen a horse float, take good care of it through regular servicing. Keep it well maintained inside and out, and you’ll make good use of it for a long time.