Hair Replacement: Ascertain If Your Doctor Possesses These Qualities

Hair Loss Treatment in Sterling Heights“And forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair.” -Khalil Gibran

Growing old is not something to be ashamed of. Consider it a gift that God prolongs and sustains your life. Well, why do we really despise getting old? Most of us would admit that it is because of the changes in our physical appearances.

Michigan Hair Restoration notes that hair loss is one of the problems physically mature people try to manage. This is because all of us, young and old, value our looks. Looks? Yes. That’s the reason why most young men and women spend much time fixing their hair in front of the mirror and the physically mature look for ways to manage gray hair and hair loss.

Skill and Passion

Hair replacement is one of the keys to managing baldness. There are few doctors specializing in hair restoration, and one must be wary that some physicians performing surgery for hair replacement do not have the sufficient skill and passion for this unique service. The service is unique in the sense that it requires knowledge of aesthetics. Just like any cosmetic work, communication between the patient and the doctor is important.


Communication is important because the patient and the doctor need to agree on whatever outcome they both foresee. The risk is that some specialists try to over-market the surgery by “selling” its benefits but not showing the problems and difficulties of the procedures.

Choosing Your Doctor

So, consider two factors in choosing your hair replacement surgeon(s). First, the physician should be able to give you at least ten “before and after photos” on different angles, with the same lighting and background. Second, research on your target surgeon by asking his or her previous patients about his or her service. Most importantly, consider different physicians and not just the ones whom you’ve known from your friends.