Guide to Preparing for Your Relocation

Couple fixing boxes

Home relocation requires enough preparation to make sure everything is in order. The problem with most people is they only start packing or looking for transportation services a few days before the moving date. As a result, they tend to overlook some of the important things they need to do.

For a smoother relocation process, feel free to use this weekly calendar guide:

Week 1: Household Items, Decluttering, and Service Providers

  • Organize all the items you will bring to your new home. Get rid of the items you no longer need by selling them online or putting them on a yard sale.
  • Start preparing the supplies you need for the relocation. These include storage boxes, durable packaging tapes, bubble wraps, newspapers, and other materials.
  • Start looking for transportation services and ask for long distance moving quotes instantly.

Week 2: Packing Day

  • When packing smaller items, you can use plastic bins or storage boxes you can buy from the local hardware.
  • Wrap the fragile items with bubble wrap or newspaper. You can also use seal bags for more protection.
  • For large furniture and other appliances, be sure to coordinate with the moving company.
  • Don’t forget to label the boxes accordingly.

Week 3: Location Visit and Inspection

  • Visit the new house and inspect every area to make sure everything is ready.
  • Go to the local municipal’s office to check the policies. Be sure to comply with all the requirements and regulations.
  • Contact the previous owner or the agent and inform them about the moving date.

Week 4: Moving Day

  • Check all the items a day before the relocation. Take photographs for proper documentation.
  • Remind the moving company again on the relocation schedule.
  • Get everyone on board and enjoy.

Following this guide should make the relocation process much easier and more fun. The success of your move will also depend on the moving company you will hire, so choose wisely.