Growing Up Healthy in Suburban Communities

Suburban Coummunity

Suburban CoummunityGrowing up in the suburb provides a different lifestyle for kids that can be healthier compared to living in the metro. It provides a greener environment and develops a stronger sense of community life than being in the city.


If you live in the suburbs, you don’t have to worry about bringing your baby in a park. You are exposing the infant to a better natural environment. Although parks in downtown area look clean and green, the layers of dust accumulation and other harmful substances are thicker than in the suburbs.

Kids who grew up in rural areas are less exposed to pollutants compared to those in the city. They are less likely to develop respiratory and skin problems.

In the city, there is not enough open space for kids to explore nature. Metropolitan kids will usually involve themselves in indoor activities, except for some outdoor sports facilities. On the other hand, young kids in semi-rural areas can go out in wider spaces around those country style homes not covered with the shadows of buildings.

Social Life

There is a different concept of socialising in the city compared to the suburb. City teenagers usually hang out with their friends in cafes or bars. But, the lower number of similar establishments in the suburbs makes the teens living there seek other activities. Teens in rural and semi-rural areas may hang out in their front yards grilling barbeque or stay indoors watching movies with their friends.

The suburban life also promotes community integration that provides kids with better acculturation. The community bond in the suburbs allows young people to meet their neighbours and have a sense of belongingness to people and not just the place.

Academic Focus

The distance to the city and major entertainment hubs promotes academic focus for kids in the suburbs. Although there is no lack of entertainment, the distraction that young people face in the city and suburbs are far more diverse.

A city address provides a life perceived as convenient and quick, high-class and privileged. But, the life in suburbs provides a different way of living that can actually work better for kids.