Green Heaven: Finding the Perfect Garden Design


gardenGarden designers make it a point to design landscapes that reflect a homeowner’s sense of style and sensibility, and one that maximises the available space outside a home. They believe that gardens are no longer just simple patches of land used to plant fruits, flowers, and vegetables in. It’s also a place where homeowners are free to be as creative as possible to enhance its looks.

If you are planning to give your garden an upgrade soon, it best to know about the things that matter most. Take a look at the following to get started:

The Golden Rule

The golden rule of basic garden design is simple: think before planting anything. Oakleigh Manor says the design of your garden must be in harmony with the basic look of the house. This creates a unified feel and enhances the visual impact of your garden.

Discovering the Purpose

Think about how you are going to use the garden before finalising the design. Will it be for simple exterior aesthetic purpose or will the garden be used for other purposes like entertaining guests? Will you be getting the kids to help out or will it be a recreational space for an elder family member? Is your garden secured and protected from the outside? You need to answer these questions before proceeding with a final design.

Landscape is of Importance

It is advisable to choose garden designs that highlight the best features of the landscape. This is because the house forms the most important component of the overall landscape. The garden, therefore, needs designing that harmonises with the overall surroundings and the house.

Creating a Theme

There are many garden themes available to choose from. Let your personal creativity direct you to the right theme. Just make sure it complements the house’s overall style.

Gardens are your personal haven. You can do anything with it, and turn it to something greater. Think of all the responsibilities involved and benefits of gardening before pursuing a project in the same.

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