Good Food, Bad Breath: Which Type of Food Causes Bad Breath

Food That Causes Bad BreathBad breath is a common major dental issue along with tooth decay and gum disease. This causes people to isolate themselves from their social circles because of the shame it brings. shares that even with regular brushing and flossing, it’s possible that your breath could still get a bit offensive. You can find the most common causes of bad breath on your dinner plate: it’s in the food you eat. Here are a few of the major offenders:

Garlic and Onions

It doesn’t come as a surprise that these two would make the list. Did you know that garlic can leave a mark in other places other than your taste buds? Your bloodstream absorbs this and makes its way into your lungs, which ends up coming out of your mouth. Also, once absorbed, your pores will start emitting a bitter scent. It’s not a reason to swear off garlic, though. You can keep eating it, as long as you flush it out by brushing and flossing.

The same goes for onions, which also contains sulfuric compounds that your bloodstream will absorb.


The chemical compound found in horseradish – isothiocyanate – gives it its distinct flavor and smell. It is also its form of defense against hungry animals.

Dairy, Coffee, and Alcohol

Dairy is good for your teeth, but because your tongue has bacteria that feed on the amino acids provided by dairy products, this may result in bad breath.

If you drink coffee in the morning or a couple of cups a day, make sure to wash it down with water. Coffee and alcoholic beverages can make your mouth go dry. Without saliva to wash them away, your mouth will allow bacteria to grow and that may trigger bad breath.

Canned Tuna

That tuna sandwich you had for lunch may still be lingering in your mouth. The smell comes from the oxidation caused by the canning process.

Proper oral care is mandatory to prevent these from coming back. If the stink doesn’t seem to go away, maybe it’s time for you to have that checked, as there might be something in your mouth causing the bad breath. Regular dental check-ups are necessary, as the dentist can recommend something for you to alleviate the stench coming from your mouth.