Glass Panels or Showers Curtains: Which is Right for Your Bath?

Bathroom Glass Panels in MelbourneIf you want a sleek look for your bathroom, glass panels are always a good way to go. Apart from opening up space, they also provide a clean and modern appearance. They are ideal for stand-alone, walk-in showers and can work well on baths that have a combination of tub and shower. They are also easier to clean and can match any bathroom design or layout.

The Good Side of Curtains

With all the benefit of glass panels, does this mean you should forego shower curtains? The answer depends on preferences, but it is important to know the advantages of using curtains in the bathroom. Those made from textural materials provide a clean and appealing look. You can also take it down and wash it whenever it gets dirty. Another good point is accessibility, allowing you to pull it all the way to one side.

On with the Right Design

The thing is many homeowners are hesitant to use shower curtains because they look dull and boring. There are, however, curtains that look beautiful and modern. Some can also be mounted floor-to-ceiling and provide the space with a sophisticated look. The trick is to pick the right curtain or design that can work well for your bath space.

Glass Panel’s Versatility

With glass panels, however, it is hard to go wrong. Sliding shower screen stores in Melbourne note using glass enclosures can give the space a high-end look or hotel appearance. Simply be sure that you won’t have issues related to cleaning, particularly if there is a small gap between the vanity and glass panel or where you installed it.

The decision between glass panels and curtains will always depend on the look you want to achieve. With curtains, you may run the risk of having a poor look if you choose the wrong design. With glass doors and enclosures, on the other hand, you can easily achieve a modern and appealing look. Be sure that it can fit the space and you’ll have no problems with cleaning the panels later on.